Since 1969, the roar of an orange Arctic snowplow has often meant the difference between shutting things down and keeping things moving. Confronted with some of the harshest conditions on the planet, Arctic has been there to put winter where it belongs – on the side of the road.

With decades of manufacturing experience, Arctic has earned a reputation for performance and durability that is as much a product of brains, as it is of brawn. This year Arctic is celebrating their 50th year in business.


Head Office & Manufacturing

35 Artisans Crescent
London, Ontario N5V 5E9
Toll Free: 1.866.757.1243
Telephone: 519.452.3406

Manufacturing & Operational

Rick Lennox, Operations Manager
Toll Free: 1.866.757.1243
Telephone: 519.452.3406

Exceeding design and manufacturing requirements is essential when you are building equipment to fight winter in the True North. Beyond tremendous durability, all of our plows also employ advanced blade design mechanics to initiate a rolling motion that moves more of even the stickiest snow. This means less resistance, less wear on power trains, and greater fuel economy.

We invite you to browse our website to learn more about Arctic Snowplows’ full line of polyethylene and steel plows, plow partners and spreaders.

A note from ISMA President, Richard Hathaway:

“I had the opportunity to visit Arctic Equipment Manufacturing in January 2019.  It was a great visit where Operations Manager Rick Lennox spent a considerable amount of his valuable time introducing me to Arctic Equipment Manufacturing.  I had the opportunity to learn about their products and learn about almost every aspect of snow plows and snow removal equipment including spreaders.  I was very impressed with the effort they go through to assure their snowplows, with their galvanized coatings, are coated not only on the exterior surfaces but also all tubes are coated both inside and out virtually eliminating the possibility of rust attacking the surfaces and or structurally harming the plows.

I left Arctic Equipment Manufacturing convinced these guys know their business. If I were in the market for a plow, I know the first company I would call would be Arctic Manufacturing.  Likewise, if someone asks me about a snowplow I will recommend they try Arctic.  Arctic Manufacturing is a company that helps sponsor the Harvey Lennox Memorial Bonus for Supers at our Canadian tracks, and as one of our sponsors I hope you will try Arctic Manufacturing for your snow removal equipment and recommend them to a friend as well.”


Our Valued Sponsors

The International SuperModified Association, LLC. (ISMA) is especially grateful to the businesses and individuals that generously support our racing organization.  Without their support we could not offer our teams the competitive purses and the recognition that they deserve.  We chose to recognize their efforts by providing you a glimpse inside these organizations. We also hope that with that knowledge you chose to select their services when you are in need of the services they provide; you purchase products from companies that help make these great partners of ISMA successful; and you share our belief in recognizing their contributions whenever possible.