July 31, 2021 – Oswego King of Wings (MIKE LICHTY)


By Carol D. Haynes, ISMA PR; photos by Jim Feeney

OSWEGO, N.Y. – The King of Wings event for winged supermodifieds began at Oswego Speedway in 2009 and Saturday night it was resurrected with Canadian Mike Lichty taking his third victory out of the ten events run over the years. Lichty commented in victory lane after his win that he “wasn’t a fan of starting up front because it took a longer run to get up front and checked out”. He thanked Patco Transportation, Craig Reed, Level Motors, and all of his crew, in victory lane as he donned the coveted KOW crown and cape.

The starting lineup of the King of Wings – Jack Murphy Memorial, a co-sanctioned winged supermodified event, found two hot shoes in the front row, after the redraw for position, in Trent Stephens of Ohio and Mike Lichty, Innerkip, Ont. And right from the drop of the green, this duo put on a torrid battle up front with Lichty taking the lead and then swapping it with Stephens. It was battle of past winners of the event as Lichty had won in 2011 and 2013 and Stephens in 2016.

As the up front battle ensued, between the 19 and 84, action prevailed behind as Mike Muldoon, Tyler Thompson, AJ Lesiecki, Ben Seitz, and Moe Lilje were battling behind looking to challenge for the win.

The 19 of Stephens took over the top spot on lap 7 but Lichty was right there waiting to pounce and retake the point. Dave Shullick Jr., a past winner in 2014 exited the fray early with a broken front nose wing, out of contention for a second win.

Stephens and Lichty were soon encountering lap cars while Mike Muldoon, Tyler Thompson, AJ Lesiecki, Ben Seitz and Moe Lilje were moving up, as were the likes of Otto Sitterly and Chris Perley.

A lap 25 yellow for debris on the track occurred just as Lichty had gotten by Stephens, but the pass was negated and Stephens led Lichty on the restart.

Lichty stayed glued to the back of the 19. But, the halfway lap came and went with Stephens suddenly fading off the pace. The 19, with a broken rocker arm, pulled pitside, leaving Lichty out front with a couple car length lead.

With 25 laps to go, Lichty led Muldoon, Tyler Thompson, a charging Otto Sitterly, Ben Seitz, AJ Lesiecki, former winner Chris Perley, Moe Lilje, Aric Iosue, Kyle Edwards, Joe Gosek and Russ Wood as attrition was causing a drop in the field.

At the lap 50 mark, Lichty continued in pursuit of a 3rd King of Wings title while Muldoon tried his best to get around the 84 time was running out. The 15 was able to get close with lap traffic around Lichty, but to no avail.

Thompson had tried to fend off a charging Otto Sitterly but could not hold on as Sitterly took over third spot soon thereafter. Thompson and Perley filled in the top five as Lesiecki, Lilje, Ryan Locke, Aric Iosue and Rich Reid filled out the top ten at the checkered. Joe Gosek finished in 11th spot, the last of the cars left on the track.

Heat Winners took home bonus awards sponsored by Precision Welding, Dennis and Randy Nader and Ted Pittsley $100 (1st), $30 (2nd) , $25 third.

The Hard Charger was Otto Sitterly who received $100 courtesy of the 4th Turn Crazies.

Last Car Running award of $150 sponsored by Quest Restoration, went to Joe Gosek.

Heat Winners took home bonus awards sponsored by Precision Welding, Dennis and Randy Nader and Ted Pittsley $100 (1st), $30 (2nd) , $25 third.

The Hard Charger was Otto Sitterly who received $100 courtesy of the 4th Turn Crazies.

Last Car Running award of $150 sponsored by Quest Restoration went to Joe Gosek.

ISMA-MSS Supermodifieds KING OF WINGS, JACK MURPHY MEMORIAL (60 Laps): 1. 84-MIKE LICHTY[2]; 2. 15-Michael Muldoon Jr[4]; 3. 7-Otto Sitterly[12]; 4. 98T-Tyler Thompson[6]; 5. 11-Chris Perley[14]; 6. 88-AJ Lesiecki[3]; 7. 32-Moe Lilje[5]; 8. 37-Ryan Locke[13]; 9. 27-Aric Iosue[11]; 10. 55-Rich Reid[19]; 11. OO-Joe Gosek[15]; 12. 11E-Kyle Edwards[16]; 13. 41-Russ Wood Sr[17]; 14. 97-Ben Seitz[8]; 15. 19-Trent Stephens[1]; 16. O1-Dan Connors Jr[9]; 17. 99-Jerry Curran[21]; 18. 22-Mike McVetta[7]; 19. 8-Jonathon Leseicki[20]; 20. 49-Dave Shullick Jr[10]; 21. 0-Tim Snyder[18]

22 McVetta (tire spacer), 49 Shullick Jr. broke front nose wing, 19 Stephens broken rocker arm, 8 Jonathon Lesiecki mechanical

Heat 1 (10 Laps): 1. 88-AJ Lesiecki[2]; 2. 27-Aric Iosue[1]; 3. O1-Dan Connors Jr[3]; 4. 15-Michael Muldoon Jr[6]; 5. 37-Ryan Locke[4]; 6. 11E-Kyle Edwards[5]; 7. 55-Rich Reid[7]

Heat 2 (10 Laps): 1. 7-Otto Sitterly[7]; 2. 98T-Tyler Thompson[5]; 3. 32-Moe Lilje[3]; 4. 84-Mike Lichty[2]; 5. 11-Chris Perley[4]; 6. 41-Russ Wood Sr[6]

Heat 3 (10 Laps): 1. 49-Dave Shullick Jr[1]; 2. 19-Trent Stephens[2]; 3. 97-Ben Seitz[4]; 4. 22-Mike McVetta[5]; 5. OO-Joe Gosek[3]; 6. 0-Tim Snyder[7]; 7. 8-Jonathon Lesiecki[6]

61 of Mike Ordway Jr. had motor problems, ending his night prior to heats

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