By Richard “Doc” Hathaway, ISMA President

Oswego, N.Y.  – Both the ISMA management and the Oswego Speedway management are hoping to see a number of cars running the ISMA SuperNationals show Saturday (8/31) and running the Budweiser International Classic 200 on Sunday (9/1). If this happens that would help solidify the positive impact of the simpler tail configuration with the smaller tail wing for the Oswego cars which makes transforming from the Oswego configuration to the ISMA configuration a less complex transition. That was one of the goals of John Torrese when he proposed the simpler body configuration with either the ISMA or the Oswego wing. A move that makes it easier to move from one venue to the other.

To encourage teams to enter both the ISMA SuperNationals and the Oswego Classic we (ISMA/Oswego) are jointly offering a $500 bonus for any cars that qualify for both the ISMA SuperNationals and the Oswego Classic. This means the owner of a car (in the ISMA standard configuration of top wing) that qualifies and runs the ISMA SuperNationals, if the same car is reconfigured in the Oswego tail wing configuration and qualifies and runs the Oswego Classic the owner will be eligible to receive a $500 bonus in addition to the purse payouts for each venue.

To receive the bonus, the car must run the Friday Budweiser International Classic 200 Time Trials in the Oswego configuration and, with the same car in the ISMA standard configuration run all ISMA race events on Saturday and then, with the same car in the standard Oswego configuration return for all driver and race events scheduled for the 63rd Annual Budweiser International Classic on Sunday.

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