OSWEGO, N.Y. — Central New York motorsports reporter Doug Elkins caught up with 2021 ISMA championship car owner John Nicotra to talk out the upcoming three-race Winged Super Challenge at Oswego Speedway, his team’s plans for Oswego and ISMA this year, and more. Enjoy!

Video recorded Jan. 26, 2022.

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  • Excellent interview. John knows what he’s talking about. I’m a 67 yr.old supermodified race fan and I stopped going to ISMA races years ago because of the atrocious low car counts. I’m not going to pay good money to see twelve to fifteen cars show up to race. For years I’ve been saying that you can’t successfully have two types of cars running in the division. The new style Oswego cars look great and as much as I like the top wing supers,I think it’s time to retire them. There are few places around the country that still run supermodifieds and everyone has different rules. This is a blueprint for failure. If you look at dirt track Sprint cars you find that the rule books are similar across the country. That is why they are able to be successful and draw good car counts. Sponsors and car owners want to be able to run high paying events wherever they want and get maximum exposure for their sponsors. I personally travel five hundred miles or more to watch World of Outlaws and Tony Stewart ‘ s All Star Sprints race in Pennsylvania or other states. They draw fifty or more cars to their big races and I pay the same amount that I would pay to see an ISMA race. That’s my two cents worth and I hope some day to go to another supermodified race with a healthy car count. Will G.

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