August 30, 2014 – Oswego SuperNationals (DAVE SHULLICK JR.)


By; Jim Feeney photos

OSWEGO, NY – Ohio’s Dave Shullick Jr. had the fastest car on Saturday at Oswego Speedway (NY), but it turned out to be a hard fought International Supermodified Association win at the end of the 60-lap ISMA Bud Light Super Nationals feature event.

Shullick, the winner of the “King of the Wings” event at Oswego earlier in the year, broke his own track record with a lap time of 14.938 seconds around the 5/8-mile track during time trials.

He seemed to be in control during the closing stages of the race but due in part to lapped cars, Ontario’s Mike Lichty narrowed the margin on Shullick and even attempted to get under him at times, including on the final lap.

“A lot of people were in the groove racing and we just had to do the best we could,” said Shullick. “He caught me on the last lap with the traffic, and I just drove it into three and it stuck so it was the difference in the race.”

Jeff Locke led the field to green and pulled away from the start. Meanwhile, Shullick worked on navigating around Rob Summers, Lichty, and point leader coming in Jon McKennedy from his sixth starting position.

Without the aid of any cautions, Shullick was able to catch Locke within 10 laps of gaining second, and secured the lead on lap 28. Lichty was also able to get by Locke on the ensuing lap.

The first of two yellow flags would fly shortly after halfway when Jamie Timmons spun in turn four. This and the next caution just over 10 laps later would allow the field to bunch up, but the front two would pull away from the remainder of the field on the restarts.

During the final 15 lap stretch, slower cars would play a major factor. Lichty tried all he could to make the lapped traffic work in his favor, but it was also a change he made that kept him with Shullick.

“I actually learned something pretty significant about 20 laps from the end,” said Lichty. “I started changing my line fairly drastic on entry into one and actually was able to reel him in. Without lapped traffic we weren’t going to pass him at all. Unfortunately it worked out better for him than us.”

This was Shullick’s first victory in the Bud Light ISMA Super Nationals 60-lap feature, which takes place during the prestigious Budweiser Classic Weekend at the “Steel Palace.”

“It’s huge,” Shullick said of his win on Saturday night. “The Super Nationals are one of the biggest races of the year for us.”

Summers, Chris Perley, and Otto Sitterly rounded out the top-five.

As a result of taking the lead prior to halfway, Dave Shullick Jr. also led the most laps (33) on Saturday night and claimed the Radical Racegear Lap Leader Award. Shullick will receive a $100 Radical Racegear product certificate for his performance.

Dave Duggan used both caution flag periods to come into the pits for adjustments and stayed out of trouble for a 15th-place finish. Duggan started from the 24th position and gained a total of nine positions during the 60-lap event to claim the $100 Hard Charger Award sponsored by “Support the DT100 for Make-A-Wish.”

As is a tradition whenever the ISMA Supermodifieds are in town, a lucky fan in the grandstands on Saturday night took home a free bicycle in the ISMA Free Bike Giveaway presented by Corr/Pak Merchandising in Ontario, Canada.

The ISMA Super Modifieds will be back in action on Saturday, September 6 for the prestigious Star Classic at Star Speedway in Epping, New Hampshire.

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ISMA Super Nationals Feature Results
Oswego Speedway – Oswego, New York
August 30, 2014
1 6 95 Dave Shullick Jr.
2 3 84 Mike Lichty
3 2 74 Rob Summers
4 7 11 Chris Perley
5 9 7 Otto Sitterly
6 1 37 Jeff Locke
7 4 79 Jon McKennedy
8 5 17 Ben Seitz
9 12 48 Johnny Benson Jr.
10 16 78 Mark Sammut
11 10 61 Lou Cicconi
12 11 40 Bobby Magner
13 17 27 Jamie Timmons
14 22 29 Bobby Chartier
15 24 51 Dave Duggan
16 14 25 Dan Bowes
17 8 8 Moe Lilje
18 15 21 Eddie Witkum Jr.
19 19 55 Mike Keeler
20 18 94 Mike Ordway Sr.
21 26 5 Joe Trenca
22 13 46 Ryan Coniam
23 23 18 Howard Page
24 20 65 Tim Ice
25 21 39 Alison Cumens
26 25 88 Rich Reed

Lap Leaders: Locke (1-27), Lichty (28-60)

Cautions: 2 – Lap 33 (Timmons spin), Lap 45 (Keeler slows on backstretch)

Heat 1: Jon McKennedy, Johnny Benson, Jr., Mike Lichty, Jeff Locke, Ryan Coniam, Mark Sammut, Mike Keeler, Bobby Chartier

Heat 2: Lou Cicconi, Otto Sitterly, Moe Lilje, Bobby Magner, Dan Bowes, Jamie Timmons, Tim Ice, Howard Page

Heat 3: Chris Perley, Dave Shullick, Ben Seitz, Eddie Witkum, Mike Ordway Sr., Allison Cumens, Dave Duggan, Rich Reed, Joe Trenca

Heat & Feature Contingency Awards sponsored by Dave’s Body Shop – Kirkville, NY.

$50 – 6th place finisher in heats “In Honor of Irish Jack Murphy”

$50 – 8th place finisher in heats “In Honor of Jim Shampine”

$100 – 3rd place finisher in feature “In Honor of Jim Soule”

Time Trial Results:
1 95 Dave Schullick Jr. 14.938 *Track Record
2 7 Otto Sitterly 15.045
3 84 Mike Lichty 15.228
4 11 Chris Perley 15.229
5 8 Moe Lilje 15.450
6 37 Jeff Locke 15.451
7 74 Rob Summers 15.452
8 61 Lou Cicconi 15.525
9 79 Jon McKennedy 15.551
10 21 Eddie Witkum Jr. 15.586
11 40 Bobby Magner 15.640
12 48 Johnny Benson Jr. 15.654
13 78 Mark Sammut 15.657
14 25 Dan Bowes 15.666
15 51 Dave Duggan 15.887
16 46 Ryan Coniam 15.897
17 27 Jamie Timmons 15.937
18 94 Mike Ordway Sr. 16.243
19 29 Bobby Chartier 16.249
20 65 Tim Ice 16.274
21 5 Joe Trenca 16.524
22 55 Mike Keeler 16.614
23 18 Howard Page 17.031
24 39 Alison Cumens
25 88 Rich Reed
26 87 Keith Gilliam
27 17 Ben Seitz

Key ISMA Sponsors: Hoosier Tire, Corr/Pak Merchandising

Other ISMA Sponsors: Lane Tire Sales, E.F. Shea Concrete, Locke Crane Services, KDP Townhouses, Slice-N-Go Deli, Race Threads, Seymour Enterprises, Race Depot, BS&B Radiator, New England Motor Racing Supply, Alternative Energy Solutions

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