August 13, 2022 – Oswego Speedway (MIKE ORDWAY JR.)

By Carol D. Haynes, ISMA PR; photos by Jim Feeney

OSWEGO, N.Y. — Maine’s Mike Ordway Jr. capped the three-race Winged Super Challenge for ISMA and MSS supermodifieds with another big win Saturday night at Oswego Speedway in the 60-lap. With the win – his second in the three-race Oswego series and fourth ISMA feature this season – Ordway claimed the inaugural Winged Super Challenge championship and $3,000 prize. 

Trent Stephens was on top of the top ten in points for the series going into the night, but something broke in the front of his 19 super in warmups prior to qualifying, putting him out of contention for the championship. Mike Ordway Jr went on to record fast time in qualifying of the remaining 19 cars.

Sitting behind Stephens in the top 10 in points elegible for big bonus awards were Kyle Edwards, Michael Barnes, Otto Sitterly, Ordway Jr., Mike Lichty, Mike McVetta, Johnny Benson Jr, Dan Connors Jr and Russ Wood.

Heat wins went to Mark Sammut, Dan Connors Jr and Tyler Thompson.

The 60 lap main event was lined up by draw with Mark Sammut and Michael Barnes in the Shea 11 on the front row, with Tyler Thompson and Ordway in row two. Kyle Edwards ran into bad luck on lap 1 as his 11E pulled into the pits, coming back out to the tail. With Stephens and Edwards suffering bad luck early, Barnes was now in the catbirds seat leading the race and on top of the challenge points.

Barnes would hold onto that lead, fending off some strong challenges as the race flew by. On lap 33 a yellow flew for 44 of Ben Seitz who exited the race, leaving Barnes and Ordway Jr. up front on the restart. Barnes held his spot out front chased by Ordway, until a lap 50 when a yellow flew for the leader Barnes who slowed out front and headed pitside.

It was Ordway’s race to lose now with 10 to go. Otto Sitterly, Mike Lichty, Mark Sammut, and Tyler Thompson were among the challenges behind, but Ordway maintained his lead until the end. He collected a trophy for the win and after point calculations, he took home a second trophy for the Challenge Championship.



Time Trials: 1. 61 Mike Ordway Jr. – 14.630, 2. 7 Otto Sitterly – 14.777, 3. 84 Mike Lichty – 14.795, 4. 11E Kyle Edwards – 14.809, 5. 22 Mike McVetta – 14.949, 6. 11 Michael Barnes – 14.974, 7. 98T Tyler Thompson – 14.977, 8. 15 Michael Muldoon – 15.062, 9. 27 Aric Iosue – 15.082, 10. 74 Johnny Benson – 15.165, 11. 01 Dan Connors Jr. – 15.245, 12. 78 Mark Sammut – 15.291, 13. 44 Ben Seitz – 15.316, 14. 41 Russ Wood – 15.349, 15. 52 Dave Danzer – 15.350, 16. 32 Moe Lilje – 15.503, 17. 83 Lou LeVea Jr. – 15.699, 18. 0 Tim Snyder – 15.832, 19. 55 Rich Reid – 15.892, 20. 99 Jerry Curran – NT, 21. 19 Trent Stephens – NT 

Heat 1: 1. Mark Sammut, 2. Aric Iosue, 3. Michael Barnes, 4, Mike Lichty, 5. Ben Seitz, 6. Moe Lilje

Heat 2: 1. Dan Connors, 2. Michael Muldoon, 3. Michael McVetta, 4. Otto Sitterly, 5. Lou LeVea Jr., 6. Russ Wood

Heat 3: 1. Tyler Thompson, 2. Kyle Edwards, 3. Mike Ordway Jr., 4. Dave Danzer, 5. Tim Snyder, 6. Johnny Benson.

FEATURE 60: 1. 61 Mike Ordway Jr., 2. 7 Otto Sitterly, 3. 84 Mike Lichty, 4. 78 Mark Sammut, 5. 98T Tyler Thompson, 6. 74 Johnny Benson, 7. 52 Dave Danzer, 8. 15 Michael Muldoon, 9. 41 Russ Wood, 10. 01 Dan Connors, 11. 11E Kyle Edwards, 12. 22 Michael McVetta, 13. 44 Ben Seitz, 14. 27 Aric Iosue, 15. 83 Lou LeVea Jr., 16. 11 Michael Barnes, 17. 55 Rich Reid, 18. 32 Moe Lilje, 19. 0 Tim Snyder

Fast Time Trialer: Mike Ordway Jr., 14.630 $200 sponsored by Billy Whittaker Cars and Trux

Hard Charger: Hoosier RR Tire + $100 (from NY Racing Mom): Johnny Benson Jr

Many Thanks go out to John Nicotra, ISMA, MSS and sponsors Shea Concrete, Billy Whittaker Cars and Trux, NBT Bank, C’s Beverage, Lighthouse Lanes, Peaceful Living Homes, Oswego Quality Carpet, Oswego Valley Millwork, Chris Nelson State Farm Insurance, DCR Performance, A&P Automotive, J&A Mechanical, Paul’s Big M Supermarket, Orange Crate Brewing Co., Vashaw’s Collision, for their support in making the Winged Challenge happen. Also a special thanks goes out to racing legend Bentley Warren for making an appearance to do some laps in a former ride, the 61Jr., much to the delight of fans on hand.

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