Dear ISMA / MSS Owner:

Please complete the following form:

1.) A nomination form for Board of Directors for 2024.

Please nominate your candidates for the ISMA / MSS Board of Directors as soon as possible, making sure they are submitted before the deadline to be valid.  From these nominations, ballots will be sent out to all members for voting.

With the growth ISMA / MSS has attained, the duties of the Board of Directors have expanded, and these positions require dedication, time and hard work. There are no financial rewards for these positions, just the satisfaction of being a part of the organization, which is one of the most prominent touring organizations in the country.  


To run for an office, the nominee must have been an ISMA / MSS car owner in good standing for at least one year prior to election.


Please nominate three (3) Board Members for a three (3) year term. ONLY THREE NOMINATIONS (ONE FORM SUBMISSION) PER ISMA/MSS CAR OWNER WILL BE ACCEPTED

Each individual nominated will be asked to accept the nomination before being put on the voting sheet.

Please be sure to nominate at least three (3) individuals you feel will help ISMA / MSS. Nominate three (3) individuals that care about the organization and are willing to give of their time and talent. We need individuals that are open minded and willing to stand up for what is right and fair for the whole organization.

Please Note!!

Any ballot that does not have at least three different names on it will be disqualified.