Dear I.S.M.A. Members,

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A nomination form for the 2022 Year-End Awards.

Please nominate candidates for each of the following awards.

ISMA “Paul Dunigan Memorial” Owner of the Year  2022 car owner highest in points.

ISMA Driver of the Year 2022 driver with most points.

ISMA “Randy Witkum Memorial” Rookie of the Year 2022 rookie with most points.


The following have received this award: 7x-B. Allegresso, R. Graves, B. Abold, 2x-D. Soule, J. Martel, 4x-B. Lichty, 3x-V. Miller, H. Lane, 2x-T. Sammut, J. Colloca, S. LeClair, R. Witkum, R. Kligelhofer, Dennis McKennedy, Jim Bodnar, C.Booth, T. Bowes
This award should be presented to the team who exhibits the most professionalism in all areas and the willingness to help other teams in the pits.
This award should be presented to the Driver who has illustrated the most improvement and advancement throughout the season. Previous winners: Mike Ordway Jr., Dan Bowes
This award provides recognition for an ISMA member who is always ready to do whatever needs to be done to support her race team, fellow competitors, or the ISMA association. She should demonstrate the same commitment, kindness, and concern for everyone involved in the association as Delores displayed. The following have received this award: M. Gadzera, 3x-K. Harrington, 3x-D. Murphy, Sue Heppell, J. Stephens
This award should be presented to an ISMA official or employee that has the same dedication, work ethic, and professional attitude to help ISMA run smoothly that Jack showed on race day as well as throughout the year. Previous winners: 2x-M. Burns, 2x-D.Heppell
This award should be presented to an I.S.M.A. owner that shows the same type of dedication, generosity, and concern that Jim showed to the association and to fellow competitors. This person should be a very giving, loyal individual who is always watching out for the little guy and one who is the first to welcome a new competitor to the association. The following have received this award: E. Shea, 2x-J. Murphy, P. Dunigan, D. Soule, H. Lane, R. Chesbro, T. Sammut, J. Holbrook, B. Allegresso, E. Bellinger, B. Lichty, B. Budnick, 2x-M. Sammut, L.Vinal, T.Bowes
Jim Shampine Memorial Award - This award should be presented to an I.S.M.A. member/official/ volunteer that has the same dedication and determination to make the association grow as founder Jim Shampine had. They should have the same goals as Jim had, that I.S.M.A. would be an association where owners, drivers and fans can speak as one for the betterment of super-modified racing. The following have received this award: 2x-E. Shea, S. Letcher, 3x-J. Murphy, C. Handley, J. Martel, J. Gosek, A. Boisvert, P. Dunigan, B. Allegresso, D. Soule, H. Lane, B. Kisselstein, D. Murphy, J. McKnight, B. Lichty, B. & B. Skinner, V. Miller, J. Kritzman, B. Budnick, D. Heppell, T. Sammut, M. Woodworth, 2x-M.Burns, R. Hathaway, M. Sammut