July 28, 2023 – Sandusky Speedway Fast 40 (MIKE MCVETTA)

SANDUSKY, Ohio — A great field of 26 ISMA/MSS supermodifieds filled the pits despite the intense heat. Defending champions of Otto Sitterly (was the 2022 Fast Friday event and Mike Ordway Jr the Saturday HyMiler 100 who held the crown was ready to defend his championship.

Fast Friday, the preview for the annual Sandusky Hy-MILER 100 begin the two day affair admist some warm temperature that were prevailing throughout out the area. And the action became heated on the track as well. Rich Reid and Timmy Jedrzejek came together under ten laps to go and Otto Sitterly and Johnny Benson piled up on the track just after.

Feature finish — 1. MIKE MCVETTA, 2. Kyle Edwards, 3. Mike Lichty, 4. Trent Stephens, 5. Jeff Abold, 6. Mark Sammut, 7. Otto Sitterly, 8. Kasey Jedrzejek, 9. Kyle Capodice, 10. Talon Stephens, 11. Aric Iosue, 12. AJ Leseicki, 13. Charlie Schultz, 14. Rich Reid, 15. Tim Jedrzejek, 16. Ben Seitz, 17. Johnny Benson, 18. Dave Shullick Jr., 19 Brian Osetek, 20. Doug Neubauer, 21. Tyler Thompson, 22. Mike Ordway 23. Cord Ehrhart, 24. Larry Lehnert, 25. Moe Lilje.

Bonus Awards:

Fast Qualifier $200 sponsored by Jim Valentine: Mike Ordway Jr. (14.515)

Heat Race Finishers $50, $30, $20 sponsored by Precision Welding and an extra $50 to heat winners from Mike Robson with Team Line Em Up: 

Heat 1: Trent Stephens, Tim Jedrzejek, Jeff Abold.

Heat 2: Ben Seitz, Dave Shullick Jr., Mike Lichty.

Heat 3: Mike McVetta, Tyler Thompson, Kyle Edwards.

Hard Charger, $100 by 4th Turn Crazies: Mark Sammut

Last Car Running, $150 sponsored by NY Racing Mom: Aric Iosue

Hoosier Free Right-Rear Drawing: Talon Stephens

Jim Feeney photos –

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